Modern Warfare 2: Waiting Tactically

This game, even though being too aracady for most gamers’ tastes also needs sophistication. With every move you do ingame, can drastically change your fate or the fate of your team. Waiting tactically can be easily summed up as objective camping.

Camping in terms of FPS gaming can be a derogative term to people that wait and wait too much for easy kills. This time around, objective camping is the better choice rather than stay in a place for too long to get you killed.

Let’s face it, rushers can easily get picked off and killed a lot because they are open to enemy fire. If you know how to wait and run to another cover, this can be a great advantage to you.

The general rule of my gameplay is to wait first on a First blood place, kill 2 more and get to another area, chances are, the enemy is rushing towards you because the killcam shows your location. So to say, get to another point, rush to a place where enemies aren’t going (you can easily tell their spawning place).

Look sensitivity plays a major role in this playstyle. Be sure to lower it to easily follow enemies at medium to long range and accurately shoot them. The default is 5 and the lowest is 1, so use the slider to your desired accuracy.

But its not just waiting tactically would be your goal; you should also pick the places where you will stay. Memorize maps and know the spots to be safe on a side in which you aren’t shooting at. Louden your speakers or use a headset to get an advantage for non-ninja sneakers.

There can be enough places to stay but only for a short time, keep your mind open to where the enemies spawn and where they will pop out next so even without UAV support, you can still have a guess to their location.

Another thing is to crouch or prone. The enemy will always have a hard time hitting you because he will be open and you are half or just a little exposed to them. This can be an advantage to get the kill and move on to your plan.

Using silencers are really a bad thing in my opinion. It can save for an RDS or FMJ to get easy kills as the killcam can easily give away your position. Use it only if you have a better Iron Sight like the Scar, ACR, AK-47 and the RPG; the rest needs an aiming attachment to aim and anticipate the enemies’ moves.

Just mix and match your playing style to get the desired kill/death ratio for your games. The chances of tactically waiting are really high to get a good score especially for experienced players.


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