Modern Warfare 2: Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight

In this section, we would state how each of these aiming devices work and their strengths and weaknesses. We all know that the first Modern Warfare only have The RDS or the Red dot sight in multiplayer (there is a Holographic Sight albeit only in singleplayer). So what does it bring to the table for us gamers this time around, let’s compare them for your gaming advantage.

The Red Dot Sight can be unlocked by killing opponents 25 times with you preferred gun. This is the next thing to unlock in assault weapons after the noob tube or the grenade launcher. The strength of this aiming device is that with its slim bezel or casing outside the sight, you can clearly see more and you can always stay within the ADS or the Aimed down sight mode with no worries on constricting your vision.

This can only mean that you can have better kills with this attachment. It may come down to the point where you are bored with this; you can try out the next one.

You can unlock the next aiming attachment after 60 kills upon using the RDS.The Holographic Sight or HS is the same as RDS except that it has bigger bezel or casing and having a bigger blot of the red crosshair on your sights. At this point you have a cool looking gun overall but it clearly hinders your vision especially long targets which may be hidden on the huge bezel.

Also, the big big blotch or red sight over long targets will make them invisible which is a big downfall to precision guns like the FAMAS or the M16. Even with other guns, it can also be a reason to get killed.

The HS can be alleviated with the Sleight of hand pro. The pro feature is faster ADS or Aiming down the sights. I find it funny why IW lessened the ADS time just to fill the gap on this perk which is usually a feature on the first game (COD4).

In my 2 months of gaming with both, it is clearly evident that RDS can enhance your aim especially with guns that have poor iron sights (most of them really). The guns in the game that I don’t feel the need for them are SCAR, RPD, AK, VECTOR and some more. Especially with the depth of field effect, you can guarantee blindness around the main iron sights. They may be guns that don’t need them but its really a bonus for other guns to deprive yourself with the bling perk and go for either the Scavenger, Marathon Perks or whatever you like to choose on the first tier.

So in both of these things, there is no reason to look cool and die often. It is better to look less cool but having impressive aim and kills for your advantage. Also, it is crucial with them being useful, you need to have better sensitivity suited for your hand movement. The default is (5) sensitivity; you can tweak them on the options menu and have a better aim overall.


Anonymous March 19, 2010 at 9:19 AM  

default is 2 sensitivity..

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