Modern Warfare 2: First Blood Killing Tips

As you may know, the normal, non-hardcore matches in Modern Warfare 2 have the broadcast feature of who had made some exceptional things or called killstreak rewards. One of which is the First Blood Message.

First Blood can give you +200 experience points. There are certain maps in which has quick things to make this happen. Here are some notable simple maps to get some nice FB message.

The guns that can actually make this happen easier are 3 burst round weapons such as the FAMAS, M16 or the Raficca. Also, sniper rifles are perfect for the job but really hard to get a one-hit-kill or OHK. Another good addition is to get a thermal scope to mow them down even if they hide or just expose a small part of their bodies.

Other guns can be a little tricky due to their long range recoil disability when aiming. If you are used to the automatic guns, just use the 3-round burst weapons or snipers first then just choose another class before you get fragged.

Estate – If you are spawned on the top, you can easily go to your right on the low wall and look down; you can easily pick on the other teams’ players easily.

Skidrow- if you are spawned near the wider open field, you can go over the corridor to wait for the other teams’ players, the chances of being the first to aim down the sight will be at your advantage.

Sub Base- Either side, you can easily get a FB, on the side of the sea, you can go over the left building and wait for them to come out. If you are on the other end of the map, you can go to the middle way and get cover to the boxes.

Afghan – You can only get a FB easily if you are spawned near the garden. Before the nearest bunker, the way on there can easily let you see enemies over the jeeps easily.

High Rise – Both sides but this is a double-edged sword that can spell trouble by looking at the middle of the building insides.

Rundown – on the side full of vegetation, you can get into an abandoned house and snipe them down albeit really hard to kill them due to the distance especially when using assault rifles.

Favela – When you’re spawned over the top area, just throw and cook a grenade or just simply toss a semtex below the car on the right.

Terminal – just go over the cafeteria and crouch. It is usually in the middle part or adjacent to the elevator that enemies pop out with their heads for an easy FB and a Headshot.

Other maps can be a little difficult to have a faster way to get them. Just practice and memorize the starting points of each team and take it to your own advantage. It can sometimes be very rewarding to easily get to your first care package or predator missiles with little to no effort at all.


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