Modern Warfare 2: Best Loadout for a Non-Hardcore match

In the ever-evolving game of the series, there are some things you can always try to make sure you have an edge over the competition. With the loadouts that is recommended for you, it can easily make you a better player.

Non-hardcore matches have 100 health, this means you need to aim longer to get a shot. Even sniper rifles are not a 1 shot affair most of the time. For this, there is a suited and customized class for you.

Warming Up

For starters, you should go for autos on Assaults and SMG’s. Any of these mentioned types can be suited for you. The sensitivity must be left to default (5). This is to ensure you have a better grip and taste of the mouse look or controller look on your starting times.

The perks for starters are mostly the basic ones. You can tons of help with sleight of hand, scavenger but not just yet with marathon. You can forget to use the stopping power first. Start with some cold-blooded pro once you get it. This allows you to sneak sometimes especially when you are clumsy with a new map.

The third tier perks are a giveaway; either pick anything you like in there to suit your gameplay.

Next Level

For medium to advanced players, you should stick with the guns that have more accuracy. This can easily win any match if you know how to aim your gun and have little to no recoil to think about. 3 round burst weapons are assault sniper rifles, they can easily hit a target at long range with the exception of a little difficult in close encounters, and the problem can be solved by using a shotgun instead.

If you feel lucky enough, you can try the marathon perk with a SMG. The best recommended weapon is the ump45 due to its high damage and thus freeing your 2nd tier perk for lightweight. Vectors are nice additions too but given the exception of it having a more-than-rare chances of having slip recoil and thus having trouble with medium to long range targets.

For Veterans

We all know that sniper rifles are hard to use and really bad for Modern Warfare 2 this time around. People that use them mostly use a thermal sight to go along with owning the match. Do not however put a silencer to it due to lowering the damage to 50 from 70. But it can be your call. Sniping is really a hard thing to do in the maps of COD6 as it has more close areas than sniping areas which everything can be mitigated with the 3 round burst weapons.

You can probably kill more when you lower your sensitivity. Having it lower than usual can give you precision at the cost of slow movement. The default is 5 and the lowest on the slider is 1, so just decrease it until you can aim better with your preferred loadout.

There are all the recommended weapons but they are never a standard. You can mix and match of whatever type you want as long as your kill/death ratio is more than 1 and you’re all set.


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