Modern Warfare 2 PC : Legit or Bootlegged?

It has come to a dilemma in today’s PC gaming scene with the notoriety of Infinity Wards’ latest game Modern Warfare 2. The game has been one of the most anticipated games to ever grace any gamers’ wish list last year. But there are some glaring and awful things that were taken away from their original hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

If we talk about the differences as of this moment of writing, there are much better things to say about bootlegged ones. But let us talk over the Legit and the bootlegs. Piracy is not an issue here, I’m only stating the good and bad points over the two.

Original or Legit copies brought over physical stores’ or online stores such as steam has great advantages like having it legally owning the game and getting good updates you can play as soon as patches are out. The bootlegs cannot play the latest version. They can only play previous versions on zero gear demo or trackmania exploit.

You can also add friends on steam. This is a major addition for legits as they could easily add friends as opposed to bootlegs. Fortunately for infringed copies, you can just buy a 2 buck game over steam and get on with adding your buddies in no times.

So lets turn over to the bootlegs superior feature; A developer console. No Call of Duty game is complete without it. You can be a semi-dedicated server and have admin control over players in public matches. You can kick hackers that have been pestering you for ages. There is also the feature of tampering in-game settings which in the legit version is cramped down identical to console versions.

Among other things is that you can show your framerate counter, have exact ping numbers instead of bars, tweak exact sensitivity (the legits can only be set to 1 as the lowest). I set mine in .8 over a 800dpi mouse, you can clearly get more out of the game with your preferred mouse look sensitivity.

So what does this mean over the dramatic changes over the modding community that enhances the game albeit people won’t purchase the game? Gamers thought it was a staple for any COD 4 game to have SOP features. It was dumbed-down to a console port even if they say it wasn’t.

Infinity Ward replies over the complaints of the gamers with “we like you to play the game the way we designed and tweaked it”. Not anymore! We gamers don’t like being locked out on the features that a real PC FPS would have; Dedicated Servers, Dev Consoles and other things crucial for a good gaming time over this version.

Right now, there are some competition in terms of titles. Battlefied Bad Company 2 is another game similar to the series that offer dedicated servers and other things that MW2 lacks. So would you like to buy the next iteration IW offers the next time around? The singleplayer was nice but it is on the multiplayer aspect is whare the series shine.

In the end, it’s a wise choice to have both and have a backup steam account to have the best of both worlds. I do not promote stealing or infringing copies of MW2 but its better to purchase the game first and get the bootleg one so their greedy pockets would still be filled and you would also stay happy with the staple COD features.


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