AC130 Killstreak Video

Infinity Ward has outdone themselves and now giving us a teaser video of whats' to come in Modern Warfare 2. As you may know, the Call of Duty wasn't being used anymore so it will be just Modern Warfare 2 because of the sour impression of Treyarch (anotheer developer for the series) which in turn makes it better in our case as the COD name was overused.

News is that there will be another Call of Duty game albeit again being developed by Treyarch which is named Call of Duty 6 which bores us to death yet again but now will be having a Vietnam-type-environment. What do I care about it anyway? Here is the new gameplay which is the most modern thing you can get.

Check this video about the 11 killstreak reward.

There are notable things you might see in the vid. You can notice things such as;

  • Customized Killstreaks to unlock which is 15 overall as shown in the video
  • A watch being worn which is not previously used in MW1
  • Perhaps an independent Grenade Launcher Gun
  • The Saw gun has an attached heat sensor gadget on its left side
  • The Rocket launcher almost the same design in Crysis
  • Using a laptop (maybe the initiation of the killstreak reward)
  • Buzzkill which is a reward for cutting short an opponents killstreak
  • Better Environment Physics ie. Look at the flower pot getting knocked up.
  • you can commandeer the AC130 in multiplayer(a feature of MW1 which is only a single player mission) . Also, it has a built-in hitbox when on pilot mode.
  • There is an icon to the lower right indicating there is an AC130 Barrage going on.
  • A sticky grenade named semtex and a revenge kill
  • Probably an Xbox 360 version demo vid
  • There is still an experience ruler (like in the first MW) on the bottom of the screen *probably its a non-hardcore mode
  • There is one map which is on Rio but the trees are the same on the first game


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