IWnet Loves to Hate: A Bloodless Valentine for Mw2 Cracked Players

As it was on that day, feb 13th, I have received a nasty message from the main screen that my version is different. Infinity Ward has been giving us pirates i mean bootleggers a hard time. At this moment of writing, my valentines day has been ruined and can't play Modern Warfare 2 1.0.175v3 parovoz crack.


IWnet: Advance Happy Valentines Day

Today, there is still no crack lurking around. Although if you miss your loadouts, stats, you can still view them in this somewhat "cracked" exe. It can let you in but you can't play. The version is 1.0.182 with no parovoz mark on the screen.

You CAN play a private match, I haven't confirmed this one yet but at least you can try. Just make sure you have a fail-safe program like Deep Freeze to revert back to you 1.0.175v3 parovoz crack once the real crack goes live.

Here is the link : http://rapidshare.com/files/350766069/182.rar

Frequently Asked Questions Section

. Who am I?

I'm Senecaz, an internet junkie that plays Cod4 and Modern Warfare 2 all day. I write guides to help others and make sure the COD PC gaming community is alive and kicking.

2. What are your stats?

I have a measly K/D ratio *1.5. Here is a snapshot of my recent barracks stats. Mind you, this is a joint account from me and my wife CE Reira. We started out on December 23, 2009.

3. Your Steam ID please?

Please add me if you like, CE Senecaz.ph

4. What is your preferred weapon of choice?

FAMAS bling is my fave weapon and can never live without it in the game. It consists of a Red Dot Sight and FMJ. I used to love m16 during the COD4 days but FAMAS was years ahead this time around.

5. Are articles all your personal work?

Yes, all of it. However, I do take additional info which are "quoted", stats are from other sites such as www.wikia.com and www.warez-bb.org.

6. Do you get any money from this?

Not a cent, my google adsense account only has 7 dollars for the past 2 years even in making www.cod4guides.blogspot.com, hence no moola on this guide to start.

7. Are you asking for a donation?

Nope, not a bit, this information is all free. If you're feeling generous, give me a MW2 legit key if you're bored with your money.

8. Why are you playing a Zero Gear Exploit to play Modern Warfare 2?

I live in the philippines, we have a hard time living here. 60 USD is really my 2 month income with forum posting. I have a wife to support, pay the internet bill and can't even have a single cent to spare in my legit gaming. I only spent 2 bucks to buy Psychonauts in steam to have the ability to add friends.

Also, I like the developer console on the Parovoz crack, making it almost like a dedicated server if you are hosting.

I also hate Infinity Ward for making  MW2 too mainstream to the core that you can't tweak the game especially in the PC version. I hate them for making too much money and not even giving us gamers something in return for a great gaming sprees all over the world.

To stress it out, Infinity Ward had become so bigheaded it completely forgot the people like us that play the Call of Duty series. As if playing mw2 on a joystick is precise (fps on a stick sucks like old man's balls, yes I tried), as if not having dedicated servers is just "okay" to us, also no ability to kick players on the legit version, as if they could police IWnet and ban all of the hackers, noob tube spamming with scavenger and a lot more stupid, stupid things.

9. Do you have a Clan?

Yes, CE (Clan Envy). This originated way back from our Call of Duty 4 Days.

10. Do you ever hack?

Absolutely Not! Even from the COD4 days, we never got tempted to use any hacks whatsoever. I do get ticked with all the MotherF*ckers running around headshotting everybody like it was a piece of cake to do, Wallhackers that anticipates your movement even behind walls. There is not a day I don't see anybody doing 3 headshots in a row over and over again. These lamers are the plague of MW2 that instills an FPS fecal matter in all hardcore PC gamers out there.

11. What are your PC Specs?

8600gt Overclocked
e4500 at 3.0ghz when gaming
Abit ip35e
2gb ddr2 memory
Windows 7 Ultimate Evaluation Copy 7260
19 inch Acer LCD 16:10 (given by my uncle)
others aren't worth mentioning.

12. What other games do you play besides Modern Warfare 2?

For the past 5 years, I've been playing these games. Others I will not mention because they may suck and not worth showing them off.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Tekken 5 DR (I don't even like tekken 6 for some weird reason)

Emulated on PSP:
Marvel Super Heroes *1995 game (care for a 99 hit combo hehe?)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Doom 3
Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
Fallout 3
Crysis Series
Half-Life 2 Episodes
Age of Empires 3
Ragnarok Online
Silkroad Online
Counter Strike via Pldtplay Serverscout
Call of Duty 4 via Garena

13. What do you do besides Gaming?

Picking up that damned electric guitar and make some unintellible noise, Skate, Write (obviously), Interior Designing, Drink, and whatever makes me occupied for some reasons.

14. Can I see your public profile anywhere on the net?

Sure thing. Here's me with all the pictures in my Friendster Profile http://profiles.friendster.com/cyrusmichael 
Also, here's me playing with my band Fallen Emperor (showy much lololz) . Thanks guys for reading my faq and enjoy more articles here in MW2guides.blogspot.com.


Parovoz Crack 1.0.175v3

Kidding aside, The parovoz crack has made PC gamers feel better about the crappy port of this game. It allows the use of the IW4 console to which you can have control over lower sensititivy, graphical tweaks, lagometers, kick hackers and so on. The recent patch is now out and it may be a better alternative to  a console-less legit copy of mw2.



 PASSWORD: tooth

Credits: Toothless, Parovoz and all the folks at www.warez.bb.org

MW2 Weapons and Attachments

 Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

•           M4A1: Unlocked at Level 4. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.
•           FAMAS: Unlocked at Level 1. 3-round burst.
•           SCAR-H: Unlocked at Level 8. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.
•           TAR-21: Unlocked at Level 20. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.
•           FAL: Unlocked at Level 28. Semi-automatic.
•           M16A4: Unlocked at Level 40. 3-round burst.
•           ACR: Unlocked at Level 48. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.
•           F2000: Unlocked at Level 60. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.
•           AK-47: Unlocked at Level 70. Fully automatic, all purpose weapon.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks M203/GP-25.
•           20 kills with Grenade Launcher - Unlocks Shotgun (attachment).
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Red Dot Sight.
•           60 kills aiming down Red Dot Sight - Unlocks Holographic Sight.
•           Marksman III: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           15 kills with Silencer - Unlocks Heartbeat Sensor.
•           Marksman IV: 150 kills with the weapon - Unlocks ACOG Scope.
•           20 kills aiming down the ACOG - Unlocks Thermal Scope
•           Marksman V: 300 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ rounds.
•           40 kills with bullet penetration using FMJ - Unlocks Extended Magazines.

NOTE: The AK-47 unlocks the GP-25, not the M203.

Submachine Guns

•           UMP .45: Unlocked at Level 1. Fully Automatic, close range.
•           MP5k: Unlocked at Level 4. Fully Automatic, close range.
•           Vector: Unlocked at Level 12. Fully Automatic, high fire rate.
•           P90: Unlocked at Level 24. Fully Automatic, large magazines.
•           Mini-Uzi: Unlocked at Level 44. Fully Automatic, close range.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Rapid Fire.
•           30 kills with Rapid Fire - Unlocks Akimbo.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Red Dot Sight.
•           60 kills aiming down Red Dot Sight - Unlocks Holographic Sight.
•           Marksman III: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           Marksman IV: 150 kills with the weapon - Unlocks ACOG Scope.
•           20 kills aiming down the ACOG - Unlocks Thermal Scope.
•           Marksman V: 300 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ rounds.
•           40 kills with bullet penetration using FMJ - Unlocks Extended Magazines.

Light Machine Guns

•           L86 LSW: Unlocked at Level 3. Fully Automatic, large magazines.
•           RPD: Unlocked at Level 4. Fully Automatic, large magazines.
•           MG4: Unlocked at Level 16. Fully Automatic, large magazines.
•           AUG HBAR: Unlocked at Level 32. Fully Automatic, high accuracy and damage.
•           M240: Unlocked at Level 52. Fully Automatic, large magazines.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Grip.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Red Dot Sight.
•           60 kills aiming down Red Dot Sight - Holographic Sight
•           Marksman III: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           15 kills with silencer - Unlocks Heartbeat Sensor.
•           Marksman IV: 150 kills with the weapon - Unlocks ACOG Scope.
•           20 kills aiming down the ACOG - Unlocks Thermal Scope.
•           Marksman V: 300 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ rounds.
•           40 kills with bullet penetration using FMJ - Unlocks Extended Magazines.

NOTE: The MG4 incorrectly states that FMJ rounds are explosive rounds.

Sniper Rifles

•           Intervention: Unlocked at Level 4. Bolt-Action.
•           Barrett .50cal: Unlocked at Level 4. Semi-Automatic.
•           WA2000: Unlocked at Level 36. Semi-Automatic.
•           M21 EBR: Unlocked at Level 56. Semi-Automatic.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           15 kills with the Silencer - Unlocks Heartbeat Sensor.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks ACOG Scope.
•           20 kills aiming down the ACOG - Unlocks Thermal Scope.
•           Marksman III: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ rounds.
•           40 kills with bullet penetration using FMJ - Unlocks Extended Mags.

Riot Shield

Riot Shield: Unlocked at Level 4. Provides protection from bullet damage.

•           Sponge I, II, III: Absorb 1000/10,000/100,000 damage with your shield.
•           Bulletproof: Deflect 1000 Bullets from your shield.
•           Backsmasher: Smash an enemy in the back with the Riot Shield.
•           Unbreakable: Get a 3 killstreak with the Riot Shield.

Secondary Weapons

Machine Pistols

•           PP2000: Unlocked at Level 3. Fully Automatic, close range.
•           G18: Unlocked at Level 22. Fully Automatic, close range.
•           M93 Raffica: Unlocked at Level 38. 3-round burst, close range.
•           TMP: Unlocked at Level 58. Fully Automatic, close range.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Red Dot Sight.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           Marksman III: 50 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ.
•           Marksman IV: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Akimbo.
•           Marksman V: 100 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Holographic Sight.
•           Marksman VI: 150 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Extended Magazines.


•           USP .45: Unlocked at Level 4.
•           .44 Magnum: Unlocked at Level 26.
•           M9: Unlocked at Level 46.
•           Desert Eagle: Unlocked at Level 62.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           Marksman III: 50 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Akimbo.
•           Marksman IV: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Tactical Knife.
•           Marksman V: 100 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Extended Magazines.

NOTE: Both the Desert Eagle and the .44 Magnum cannot accept a suppressor or extended magazines.


•           SPAS-12: Unlocked at Level 1. Pump-Action.
•           AA-12: Unlocked at Level 18. Fully Automatic, low ammo.
•           Striker: Unlocked at Level 34. Semi-Automatic.
•           Ranger: Unlocked at Level 42. Double barreled.
•           M1014: Unlocked at Level 54. Semi-Automatic.
•           Model 1887: Unlocked at Level 67. Lever-Action.


•           Marksman I: 10 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Red Dot Sight.
•           Marksman II: 25 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Silencer.
•           Marksman III: 75 kills with the weapon - Unlocks FMJ.
•           Marksman IV: 150 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Grip.
•           Marksman V: 250 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Holographic Sight.
•           Marksman VI: 400 kills with the weapon - Unlocks Extended Magazines.

NOTE: Both the Ranger and the Model 1887 can only accept the Akimbo and FMJ attachments. These attachments are unlocked at 10 and 50 kills respectively.


•           AT4: Unlocked at Level 4. Vehicle Lock-on or free fire.
•           Thumper: Unlocked at Level 14. Unguided grenade launcher.
•           Stinger: Unlocked at Level 30. Vehicle Lock-on only.
•           Javelin: Unlocked at Level 50. Vehicle or location Lock-on only.
•           RPG-7: Unlocked at Level 65. Unguided RPG launcher.
NOTE: The Javelin and the AT4 are the only Launchers which only have one rocket. The other launchers have two.

Equipment and Support


•           M67 Frag Grenade: Unlocked at Level 4. Cookable grenade.
•           Semtex: Unlocked at Level 4. Timed explosive. Sticks to people and surfaces that it hits.
•           Throwing Knife: Unlocked at Level 7. Reusable throwing blade. Throw it and pick it back up.
•           Tactical Insertion: Unlocked at Level 11. A flare that marks your next respawn.
•           Blast Shield: Unlocked at Level 18. Provides resistance to explosives and headshots, and grants immunity to Stun Grenades.
•           Claymore: Unlocked at Level 31. Trip detonated mine.
•           C4: Unlocked at Level 43. Remote detonated explosive.


•           Knife: Default. Standard issue fighting knife, kills in one blow and is lethal in extreme close quarters situations.
•           Minigun: Found on various maps in defensive positions.

Source: www.wikia.com

How to kick cheaters in Modern Warfare 2 PC

Assuming you have a parovoz 1.0175 cracked game, you can kick cheaters if you are the host. just follow the simple steps to police your gaming spree. If you are the host, you will have a 20 ping or you have the lowest within the game.

To get to the Console:

Press alt+esc, then if you see another mouse pointer press ctrl+esc or alt+tab to the console which looks something like this

Method 1 - Kick Command

Type in >>>>>>>> Kick "username" withouth the " "

Method 2 - (recommended way) Clientkick Command

Type in >>>>>>>> Status

Search the hacker/cheaters' number then Type >>>>> clientkick "x"  . x is the corresponding number of the results in the status command.

NOTE: There is no / or forward slash to input commands like they do in  Call of Duty 4. Also, do not stay long outside the game. Modern Warfare 2 is really hasty in auto-kicking idle players.

Modern Warfare 2: Waiting Tactically

This game, even though being too aracady for most gamers’ tastes also needs sophistication. With every move you do ingame, can drastically change your fate or the fate of your team. Waiting tactically can be easily summed up as objective camping.

Camping in terms of FPS gaming can be a derogative term to people that wait and wait too much for easy kills. This time around, objective camping is the better choice rather than stay in a place for too long to get you killed.

Let’s face it, rushers can easily get picked off and killed a lot because they are open to enemy fire. If you know how to wait and run to another cover, this can be a great advantage to you.

The general rule of my gameplay is to wait first on a First blood place, kill 2 more and get to another area, chances are, the enemy is rushing towards you because the killcam shows your location. So to say, get to another point, rush to a place where enemies aren’t going (you can easily tell their spawning place).

Look sensitivity plays a major role in this playstyle. Be sure to lower it to easily follow enemies at medium to long range and accurately shoot them. The default is 5 and the lowest is 1, so use the slider to your desired accuracy.

But its not just waiting tactically would be your goal; you should also pick the places where you will stay. Memorize maps and know the spots to be safe on a side in which you aren’t shooting at. Louden your speakers or use a headset to get an advantage for non-ninja sneakers.

There can be enough places to stay but only for a short time, keep your mind open to where the enemies spawn and where they will pop out next so even without UAV support, you can still have a guess to their location.

Another thing is to crouch or prone. The enemy will always have a hard time hitting you because he will be open and you are half or just a little exposed to them. This can be an advantage to get the kill and move on to your plan.

Using silencers are really a bad thing in my opinion. It can save for an RDS or FMJ to get easy kills as the killcam can easily give away your position. Use it only if you have a better Iron Sight like the Scar, ACR, AK-47 and the RPG; the rest needs an aiming attachment to aim and anticipate the enemies’ moves.

Just mix and match your playing style to get the desired kill/death ratio for your games. The chances of tactically waiting are really high to get a good score especially for experienced players.

Modern Warfare 2: Best Loadout for a Non-Hardcore match

In the ever-evolving game of the series, there are some things you can always try to make sure you have an edge over the competition. With the loadouts that is recommended for you, it can easily make you a better player.

Non-hardcore matches have 100 health, this means you need to aim longer to get a shot. Even sniper rifles are not a 1 shot affair most of the time. For this, there is a suited and customized class for you.

Warming Up

For starters, you should go for autos on Assaults and SMG’s. Any of these mentioned types can be suited for you. The sensitivity must be left to default (5). This is to ensure you have a better grip and taste of the mouse look or controller look on your starting times.

The perks for starters are mostly the basic ones. You can tons of help with sleight of hand, scavenger but not just yet with marathon. You can forget to use the stopping power first. Start with some cold-blooded pro once you get it. This allows you to sneak sometimes especially when you are clumsy with a new map.

The third tier perks are a giveaway; either pick anything you like in there to suit your gameplay.

Next Level

For medium to advanced players, you should stick with the guns that have more accuracy. This can easily win any match if you know how to aim your gun and have little to no recoil to think about. 3 round burst weapons are assault sniper rifles, they can easily hit a target at long range with the exception of a little difficult in close encounters, and the problem can be solved by using a shotgun instead.

If you feel lucky enough, you can try the marathon perk with a SMG. The best recommended weapon is the ump45 due to its high damage and thus freeing your 2nd tier perk for lightweight. Vectors are nice additions too but given the exception of it having a more-than-rare chances of having slip recoil and thus having trouble with medium to long range targets.

For Veterans

We all know that sniper rifles are hard to use and really bad for Modern Warfare 2 this time around. People that use them mostly use a thermal sight to go along with owning the match. Do not however put a silencer to it due to lowering the damage to 50 from 70. But it can be your call. Sniping is really a hard thing to do in the maps of COD6 as it has more close areas than sniping areas which everything can be mitigated with the 3 round burst weapons.

You can probably kill more when you lower your sensitivity. Having it lower than usual can give you precision at the cost of slow movement. The default is 5 and the lowest on the slider is 1, so just decrease it until you can aim better with your preferred loadout.

There are all the recommended weapons but they are never a standard. You can mix and match of whatever type you want as long as your kill/death ratio is more than 1 and you’re all set.

Modern Warfare 2: 3-round Burst Weapons

In this iteration of Infinity Ward’s controversial game Modern Warfare 2, there is a silver lining of great guns that can offer you a bountiful killstreak if mastered correctly. There are guns like Famas, M16 and the Raficca to mow down enemies with the highest accuracy in the shortest amount of time.

First up, the FAMAS can be obtained at level 1. You can easily use the Grenadier Class to use it. The good point of this gun is its accuracy. Having to make sure the 3 rounds hit on long ranges is perfect with this and a great First blood weapon. It is good looking and sounds ok for an assault gun. The gun has (40) damage in short range and 30 damage in long range. The only bad thins about this gun is the longest reload time and horrible iron sights that hinder your vision *to alleviate the problem; just go for the Red dot sight as an attachment.


A new set of sights are used, as the original sights are located in the carry handle (which has been covered by a Picatinny rail). Similar to the M16A4, the FAMAS is a very effective assault rifle especially at range. One burst will kill with Stopping Power at any range, as long as all three shots hit. Without Stopping Power, the FAMAS, like all burst weapons, becomes considerably underpowered.
The FAMAS has a slower reload than the M16A4, but its damage does not drop off until slightly further and it has less recoil. This difference in damage makes the FAMAS slightly better than the M16A4 at medium range.
The FAMAS has fairly low recoil. However, the ACOG and Thermal Scope introduce a fair amount of vertical recoil, making it much more difficult to hit targets behind thick cover at long range.

The next is the M16 assault rifle. This 3 round burst is the king of its kind in Call of Duty 4. This time around, it’s the second best burst weapon. It has 2nd best accuracy after the FAMAS. On long ranges, it can sometimes miss the third bullet which is a little difficult to use. It looks horrible and fat. The damage is the same as the FAMAS with 40-30 damage. This too has somewhat constrained iron sights but there’s nothing that RDS or the Holographic sight can remedy.

The weapon has returned in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It behaves similarly to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with some small differences. It is now unlocked at level 40 in multiplayer and its reload animation is now identical to that of the M4A1 Carbine. To make it look more modernized, a Picatinny Rail has been placed on the carrying handle, and RIS with rail covers. The rear sight aperture has been made thinner than the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare version, making the iron sights much easier to operate.
The FAMAS is similar to the M16A4 as they share nearly identical stats. The FAMAS takes 1.08 seconds longer to reload (.16s empty), but has less damage drop off than the M16A4, leading to an increase in medium range performance. Also, when you attach a holographic sight to the M16A4, the recoil is reduced.
In single player, the M16A4 is seen in both American and Task Force 141 missions, although the FAMAS is much more predominant. It fires in bursts in both singleplayer and multiplayer, unlike its Call of Duty 4 counterpart which was fully automatic in the singleplayer.

The third weapon albeit a secondary is the Raficca. It also has a 3 round burst but having the accuracy of the assaults. The damage is a little disappointing but there is nothing to complain when you can hit 3 rounds accurately on your enemies. The gun is just a modified m9 pistol and has great sights to boot even without the RDS.

In single player, the M93 is only found in The Gulag, in the armory before you look through the cells for Prisoner 627. In multiplayer it is unlocked at level 38.
The M93 Raffica is classed as a machine pistol, but it is similar to a handgun in most aspects (excluding its burst fire). It is very accurate with a high fire rate and one burst without Stopping Power is enough to take down a nearby enemy; due to its low range, Stopping Power is necessary for a one-burst kill at mid-long range.
Its ADS accuracy over multiple rounds is better than its semi-automatic cousin, the M9, but its hipfire accuracy is worse. The Raffica also has no Tactical Knife attachment unlockable.
As the M93 Raffica is available to use in Last Stand it is a favoured choice for players using the tier 3 perk and even more so because the player continues to play with any attachments they have unlocked for the weapon such as akimbo. It is also a popular choice to have as a secondary weapon when using a sniper class. The M93 is a popular sidearm in Hardcore gamemodes because of its ability to drop a target in one burst (or less) at any range and many players find it easy to engage moving targets with it.

These guns are great for long range assault sniping. They can easily mow down enemies on maps like the sub base box camping on the side of the map. Favela sniping on the middle house, Terminal corridor owning, High-rise side open corridor and basically anywhere where enemies stop by and shoot carelessly with their autos.

Long range assault sniping is better than sniper rifle sniping because in this game, you can easily have more firepower but having the ability to hit targets accurately.

The guns also have downsides. The noticeable thing is that you are always lacking firepower at short range when rushed by a marathon+lightweight player. You can either use a scrambler to get a higher chance of survival for this. Also, you can’t rush with them too, it’s really hard to manage fast moving targets for these types, and you can alternatively carry a shotgun or another type of machine pistol for it.

Infinity Ward has been great to give us 3 round burst weapons this time around. It has been great for gamers that use them in the right hands. These guns aren’t good enough if you have high sensitivity (5 is the default, 2 or lower is recommended). It is recommended to lower it and make sure that long range enemies aren’t that hard to target.

Additional Info on quotes: www.wikia.com

Modern Warfare 2: Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight

In this section, we would state how each of these aiming devices work and their strengths and weaknesses. We all know that the first Modern Warfare only have The RDS or the Red dot sight in multiplayer (there is a Holographic Sight albeit only in singleplayer). So what does it bring to the table for us gamers this time around, let’s compare them for your gaming advantage.

The Red Dot Sight can be unlocked by killing opponents 25 times with you preferred gun. This is the next thing to unlock in assault weapons after the noob tube or the grenade launcher. The strength of this aiming device is that with its slim bezel or casing outside the sight, you can clearly see more and you can always stay within the ADS or the Aimed down sight mode with no worries on constricting your vision.

This can only mean that you can have better kills with this attachment. It may come down to the point where you are bored with this; you can try out the next one.

You can unlock the next aiming attachment after 60 kills upon using the RDS.The Holographic Sight or HS is the same as RDS except that it has bigger bezel or casing and having a bigger blot of the red crosshair on your sights. At this point you have a cool looking gun overall but it clearly hinders your vision especially long targets which may be hidden on the huge bezel.

Also, the big big blotch or red sight over long targets will make them invisible which is a big downfall to precision guns like the FAMAS or the M16. Even with other guns, it can also be a reason to get killed.

The HS can be alleviated with the Sleight of hand pro. The pro feature is faster ADS or Aiming down the sights. I find it funny why IW lessened the ADS time just to fill the gap on this perk which is usually a feature on the first game (COD4).

In my 2 months of gaming with both, it is clearly evident that RDS can enhance your aim especially with guns that have poor iron sights (most of them really). The guns in the game that I don’t feel the need for them are SCAR, RPD, AK, VECTOR and some more. Especially with the depth of field effect, you can guarantee blindness around the main iron sights. They may be guns that don’t need them but its really a bonus for other guns to deprive yourself with the bling perk and go for either the Scavenger, Marathon Perks or whatever you like to choose on the first tier.

So in both of these things, there is no reason to look cool and die often. It is better to look less cool but having impressive aim and kills for your advantage. Also, it is crucial with them being useful, you need to have better sensitivity suited for your hand movement. The default is (5) sensitivity; you can tweak them on the options menu and have a better aim overall.

Modern Warfare 2 PC : Legit or Bootlegged?

It has come to a dilemma in today’s PC gaming scene with the notoriety of Infinity Wards’ latest game Modern Warfare 2. The game has been one of the most anticipated games to ever grace any gamers’ wish list last year. But there are some glaring and awful things that were taken away from their original hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

If we talk about the differences as of this moment of writing, there are much better things to say about bootlegged ones. But let us talk over the Legit and the bootlegs. Piracy is not an issue here, I’m only stating the good and bad points over the two.

Original or Legit copies brought over physical stores’ or online stores such as steam has great advantages like having it legally owning the game and getting good updates you can play as soon as patches are out. The bootlegs cannot play the latest version. They can only play previous versions on zero gear demo or trackmania exploit.

You can also add friends on steam. This is a major addition for legits as they could easily add friends as opposed to bootlegs. Fortunately for infringed copies, you can just buy a 2 buck game over steam and get on with adding your buddies in no times.

So lets turn over to the bootlegs superior feature; A developer console. No Call of Duty game is complete without it. You can be a semi-dedicated server and have admin control over players in public matches. You can kick hackers that have been pestering you for ages. There is also the feature of tampering in-game settings which in the legit version is cramped down identical to console versions.

Among other things is that you can show your framerate counter, have exact ping numbers instead of bars, tweak exact sensitivity (the legits can only be set to 1 as the lowest). I set mine in .8 over a 800dpi mouse, you can clearly get more out of the game with your preferred mouse look sensitivity.

So what does this mean over the dramatic changes over the modding community that enhances the game albeit people won’t purchase the game? Gamers thought it was a staple for any COD 4 game to have SOP features. It was dumbed-down to a console port even if they say it wasn’t.

Infinity Ward replies over the complaints of the gamers with “we like you to play the game the way we designed and tweaked it”. Not anymore! We gamers don’t like being locked out on the features that a real PC FPS would have; Dedicated Servers, Dev Consoles and other things crucial for a good gaming time over this version.

Right now, there are some competition in terms of titles. Battlefied Bad Company 2 is another game similar to the series that offer dedicated servers and other things that MW2 lacks. So would you like to buy the next iteration IW offers the next time around? The singleplayer was nice but it is on the multiplayer aspect is whare the series shine.

In the end, it’s a wise choice to have both and have a backup steam account to have the best of both worlds. I do not promote stealing or infringing copies of MW2 but its better to purchase the game first and get the bootleg one so their greedy pockets would still be filled and you would also stay happy with the staple COD features.

Modern Warfare 2: Sensitivity Tips

In the world of PC gaming, the sensitivity of the mouse is what dictates a veteran player on how they can easily target enemies. The mouse look in the game can be tweaked to your liking albeit there are some differences from the past series on how to toggle them.

Sensitivity in Modern Warfare 2 is only seen with a slider. This can be a tricky way to really gauge the mouse look. The highest slider seems to be a joke and you should never have higher sensitivity unless you have a different type of pointing devices.

The lowest setting will get you (1) sensitivity. This can be low for first time people that want to tweak their mouse movements. A 800 dpi mouse can be great at (3) sensitivity for rushing. Sniping can be maximized for choosing 2 or lower.

My personal setting is (.8) sensitivity but this is a problem with the game. The only way you can set this is by using cracked MP files and have a developer console to tweak your mouse settings accurately. Although (1) sensitivity is great, it’s better if you can still lower it to your tastes.

Starters can get to (3) sensitivity if they prefer a better or a more precise aim. But when playing for a long time, the hands actually get jerky; you can then adjust it to a lower one for making precise aim. By default, the slider is on the (5) setting, the lowest is (3), so just gauge the bar and set it to your preference.

Some hardcore players use up to (.4) sensitivity. Others get to (10) which I really don’t know why. Just be sure to get your right mix after a few matches to get ahead of ADS or aiming down the sight.

The only way to get to tweak these settings with a numerical value is to get a modified MP executable and has a developer console to get to lower settings. At this moment of writing, the Parovoz version is the best and close to having a better control over your Modern Warfare 2 gaming spree.

So there you have it. Just be sure to keep an eye for what weapon you use. Rushers need higher settings while snipers can get better kills with lower sensitivity; adjusting it for the right purpose can be deadly.

Modern Warfare 2: First Blood Killing Tips

As you may know, the normal, non-hardcore matches in Modern Warfare 2 have the broadcast feature of who had made some exceptional things or called killstreak rewards. One of which is the First Blood Message.

First Blood can give you +200 experience points. There are certain maps in which has quick things to make this happen. Here are some notable simple maps to get some nice FB message.

The guns that can actually make this happen easier are 3 burst round weapons such as the FAMAS, M16 or the Raficca. Also, sniper rifles are perfect for the job but really hard to get a one-hit-kill or OHK. Another good addition is to get a thermal scope to mow them down even if they hide or just expose a small part of their bodies.

Other guns can be a little tricky due to their long range recoil disability when aiming. If you are used to the automatic guns, just use the 3-round burst weapons or snipers first then just choose another class before you get fragged.

Estate – If you are spawned on the top, you can easily go to your right on the low wall and look down; you can easily pick on the other teams’ players easily.

Skidrow- if you are spawned near the wider open field, you can go over the corridor to wait for the other teams’ players, the chances of being the first to aim down the sight will be at your advantage.

Sub Base- Either side, you can easily get a FB, on the side of the sea, you can go over the left building and wait for them to come out. If you are on the other end of the map, you can go to the middle way and get cover to the boxes.

Afghan – You can only get a FB easily if you are spawned near the garden. Before the nearest bunker, the way on there can easily let you see enemies over the jeeps easily.

High Rise – Both sides but this is a double-edged sword that can spell trouble by looking at the middle of the building insides.

Rundown – on the side full of vegetation, you can get into an abandoned house and snipe them down albeit really hard to kill them due to the distance especially when using assault rifles.

Favela – When you’re spawned over the top area, just throw and cook a grenade or just simply toss a semtex below the car on the right.

Terminal – just go over the cafeteria and crouch. It is usually in the middle part or adjacent to the elevator that enemies pop out with their heads for an easy FB and a Headshot.

Other maps can be a little difficult to have a faster way to get them. Just practice and memorize the starting points of each team and take it to your own advantage. It can sometimes be very rewarding to easily get to your first care package or predator missiles with little to no effort at all.

Modern Warfare 2: Noob Tubing Standards

How often do we see noob tubers running around? : More often than every time. It has come to a time where my favorite game series have been plagued with them that even losers can play, but is this really healthy for a long term relationship with hardcore gamers and the standing of the Call of Duty series?

Who’s at fault? It is entirely to the developers and their desire to make it a noob-friendly game. At which the grenade launcher attachment is a barracks reward and giving them freedom to run around, killing you for less skill.

Grave mistake? A harder slip-up is when they get unlimited ammo. What we know is that the scavenger perk gives them ammo when they get a blue bag. They can literally run around the map with endless supply with just picking off from fallen enemies or allies. Add to the injury is that the danger close perk enhances its effects, making it really hard hitting to those getting it on the other line.

So how much does it take to not tick off all opponents with the GL standards? We all know that they are used mostly for newcomers that don’t know how to aim. A better suggestion on using it is only by moderation and upon learning to aim.

The Grenade launcher can be had on default level 1 as the grenadier class. The FAMAS is the first gun that has it and its really bad that anybody at anytime can use it for reckless killing sprees. Any assault gun can have it with as little as 10 kills; this can spell annoyance to their opponents.

A better or perhaps simpler way is to prevent it to be your primary weapon, think of it only as a way to mow mobs rather than run around with it like a real noob and using it.

Sometimes there can be what we call gaming etiquettes and its likely time to apply it to make sure everybody has a great time playing on a public match. In our COD4 dedicated server, it is banned and never being used for anything else other than annoying everybody.

So in the end, tubing standards is pretty okay once you moderate it and never being used as the main tool for killing enemies. Everybody can enjoy with using them for sometimes as nothing ticks everybody else more than another unskilled tuber.


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