Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Stats

Here is your gun stats on paper. The usual stats over the game sometimes can be deceiving, here are your real numbers. Click on the image to enlarge and save it to your computer.



Famas is more accurate than the m16. The m16 has shorter max damage. Aside from that, the only way for the m16 reloads a second faster and to get the same accuracy as the FAMAS is to attach a Holographic Sight.

The FAL assault rifle is always a 2 hit affair in normal,non-hardcore mode with or without stopping power.

Sub-Machine Guns:

Attaching a rapid fire to the UMP45 will increase the recoil so much thus preventing you to hit even mid range targets.

Vector Sub-machine gun will likely have more damage over time rather than raw damage.


The model 1887 has been nerfed or lowered in long range damage in recent patches. Using FMJ+Akimbo has the same range as other shotguns except the spaz having the longest range recently.

Sniper Rifles:

The intervention has low idle sway but can only fire a bullet in intervals. The 50 cal. can be semi auto but having the worst idle sway. 


AT4HS can have 2 shots only if you scavenge for it, by default only gives you 1 ammo.

Despite equiping a Grenade Launcher Attachment to your assault weapon, you will still get only 2 shots if you add a thumper as your secondary.


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