Modern Warfare 2 Review on things that matter

The game is simply a good sequel. For the details, let us start with the real review points and not introduce the game, simply because everybody knows what mw2 is but here is my opinion and review about it.


The same graphics engine doesn't mean it can't look better than the original anymore. Modern Warfare 2's graphics is simply awesome. My 8600gt can push better framerates compared to COD4. From the Single Player missions to Multiplayer, the graphics are great but just a tad better, COD4 also have superb graphics.

Graphical things that matter

Blood Splatter - This is not sparta! You can blurt out a WTF with this graphical feature in the game. You can't see anything when you are nearly dying. COD4 had better vision at this part. Plus, I can clearly see character models not even having any glasses or helmets so why does it look like you are wearing one when you're dying?

Graphics-intensive Thermal Scoping - My graphics card is clearly choking with using this attachment. I hope IW can fix this. It is more demanding than turning on shadows on the game.

Iron Sights Blur - Since COD4, this has been a major pain in the ass for me and a very annoying thing at that. I cannot simply have this feature and I always turn this off (thank gawd for PC users) . It is better to blur just a bit but not to the point where it can affect your vision too much.

The best maps to me are:

The Good Looking:

Rust - If you have anything to boast this game to your friends, this map is the first thing to load.

High Rise - Stunning level pure of awesomeness to boot. This map could get the best out of a good player.

Great Map Layout:

Sub Base- Epic Map for a superb game.The best standoff point is near the subs. I always get a headshot for the Famas I use is perfect for the distance between the boxes on either side.

Skidrow - Simple and Good for a pure multiplayer match. This reminds me a little bit about de_dust 1 in counter strike and I don't know why.

Terminal - Camping in the cafeteria is good but the hallway is the best for longshots and headshots.

Favela - The Mini-midde house on the right is the finest place to stay but you must know where the enemies are.

Derail - A large map done right. Good for sniping and FAMAS owning. Short range weapons are at a loss here.

Sh*t Map Layout:

Karachi - Its like walking blind. You don't even know where the enemies are. Also, the map is too constrained and poorly thought-out. (my opinion only)

Quarry - The lower part of the map (the actual quarry is badly done. A little hard to navigate but some open spaces are ok.

Estate - Butt-ugly layout. People that spawn on the top always gets the upperhand.

There are also ugly maps to talk about:

Underpass- Ugly, raining and its dark; a waste of anybody's time.

Estate - I wouldn't want to be living there in real life either.


Simply awesome looking!!! For a game, i would never see any other present game that has better gun models out there. The best looking guns for me is as follows:

Intervention Sniper Rifle (default one) - This is the sex in gun graphics in a game. It puts the default sniper in COD4 to shame. With all the graphics turned up, this baby will make you look great albeit it will be better to the one who's using it.

M4 - The common gun. It has a better model this time around but sounds like an old motor revving especially when you are being fired at with this gun at long range.

FAMAS - This is actually my new favorite gun (m16 in cod4) . The accuracy is second to none in assaults. This gun shines in either Woodland and Red Tiger Camo, simply amazing gun model!

ACR - This is another WTF moment here. This gun doesn't only look good but doesn't have any weird-ass recoil. The gun is really great sounding and very accurate for a full-auto type.

And the UGLY ones (in my opinion)

M16 - Hail to the ugliest gun in the game. Infinity Ward has f*cked up this gun model. The gun looks fugly, very fugly at that. Plus the recoil is horrible. Even the 3 shot burst won't let the third or even second bullet hit the target accurately at long range compared to FAMAS. COD4 had a kick-ass m16 model without the Grenade Launcher Attachment, this one is definitely a waste of a custom class space, go for the FAMAS instead.

FN2000 - Ugly and Big. Sounds like banging a big can. You also have an ugly Mars sight if you really want it.


The game audio is simply superb like any Infinity Ward Game. But there are no ending credits kick-ass audio here. COD4 has better OST *IMHO.

There are also new dialogues in Multiplayer. The best sounding is from the Opfor for the "team deathmatch" voice. Creepy and makes you motivated to do another omnicide run.

Once you hear the double pedal with a distortion guitar achievement sound, it rocks, trust me, I'm in a band for over a decade (lol).


Downsides and Gripes Galore!

Scrounging for Ammo is now a PERK! - triple F*ck you to Infinity Ward for this crap. Why do I need to equip a scavenger perk to get ammo this time around? (a life advice told over and over again, if it ain't broke, don't f*ckin' fix it) . It is better if you can still pick up ammo even without a perk. Also adding the ability to noobs to pick up Grenade Launcher ammo from fallen enemies without even having that ammo in the first place makes it a quadruple FU to IW.

No way to kick a player. 43 0 hacker in a Normal TDM match and you can't do anything, nothing. Oh there is one thing though, quit the game. A modified votekick method can be great (where you can only votekick once in 2-3 games makes it less vulnerable to abuse)

The whole care package concept - Damn, if you want to copy Battlefield 2's supply drop, you better make it at least better. Why do you have to air drop a huge box for a 1/4 kilogram weight of a remote control (Airstikes and Chopper Gunners) . The box also KILLS. Adjust it for crying out loud, you only need the big box for the sentry gun, others may use a smaller box.

No other way to choose a desired map in a joined multiplayer - Another Facepalm moment right here. No need for explanation.

Inaccurate in-game gun stats - M4 and M16 uses the same bullets and statistics show that they have the same damage even over long ranges. The game reports a discrepancy with both, go figure *this crap is the same over COD4.

The whole Riot Shield Concept - This is modern warfare, not modern riot. Soldiers don't use them, the police does. I find it funny when people use them. Shoot them in the foot and they'll die ROFL!

 *Single Player and Coop Matches: Dog Attacks - Better if they can only bite but they always (99%) knock you down and the timing is hard (same as all Call of Duty Games I've played) especially on the favela coop veteran setting.

Things I'd like to be put onto the game

Hardcore with HUD - Lag can simply make your life miserable. Your gun with likely have zero to miniscule damage and you need at least 3-5 bullets to kill someobdy. I'd like to have a hardcore game with HUD for the first time playing Multiplayer Call of Duty in years.

A better m16 skin model - This will probably never happen.

Old Call of Duty 4 Maps- I miss them a lot and they are far better in terms of placement and layout. I feel like I always need to run too much or search like a dumbass to kill somebody; crossfire, killhouse, bog, backlot and other maps doesn't require much sprinting to get a kill.

*** Again, this is all my opinion and experiences may vary from other people's view. This was just my studied game opinions that I played for a month on almost getting to the 2nd prestige before writing this. This is to simply understand the game better rather than blurting out stupid reviews by elite reviewers that doesn't even play that much first before reviewing it.


Comments are welcome as long as you're not hostile enough to piss me off.


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