Modern Warfare 2 Server Control: A taste of dedicated server controls

If you haven't been out in the MW2 PC scene yet, there is now a great way to get ahead of hackers. The latest Parovoz crack is capable of having server control if you are the one hosting.

(note: once i bought a game on steam, I noticed something, I have higher chances of hosting which is quite puzzling to me, but then, it maybe just coincidence)

What you can do for now is:

Change maps
Kick players
Tweak other settings in the game

This can be enabled if you install the zero gear exploit plus the parovoz 175v2 crack lying out there in the wild. Oh well, here is the LINK if you are lazy to find it. (You have to register first guys)

So how can you do this? Well if you are the one hosting, you can ctrl-esc out and you will see the dev console waiting for you. Most of the commands are fairly simple and almost the same as cod4 commands.

LINK to Zero Gear Installation and a couple of Server Commands

Modern Warfare 2 - Zero Gear MP Method

NEW Method For PLAYING Without ZeroGear Beta Key
Install MW2

Install Steam

Create new Steam account


Install Zero Gear Demo

Download Patch with Installer - DepositFiles
Run Installer

Zero Gear Patch Installer.bat
Follow the Instructions
Default Directorys:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Modern Warfare 2
C:\Program Files\Steam
Join any of these steam groups
Click Chat
Right click someone who is hosting and click "Join Game"
Or host a dedicated server yourself! (If you have a good computer and connection)
Dedicated Servers!
How to create a server on v1.0.175:
1. Join 3rd Person Cage Match Playlist;
2. Once you get into a game (And are the host.), enter the following commands in your console:
sv_maxclients 18
party_maxplayers 18
map mp_rust
3. Once you've loaded Rust, enter the following:
scr_dm_timelimit 1
4. The game will end in a minute, from there you should have a lobby with 18 available slots. The next step is to type:
playlist dm
5. This will switch the playlist over to Team Deathmatch. The first game will be a FFA, and all games after that will be TDM.
6. Change scr_dm_timelimit back to normal.

(server admin only) If you want to get rid of 3rd person, type:
scr_thirdperson 0
playlist 18 tdm

Here are some console commands:

map eg: map mp_rust
the map names uses "mp_" prefix and they're located in ".../zone/english/".

- active playlist: playlist 0 / 1 / ... / 16 // 13 - 3rd person dm, 0 - tdm, ...

- restart map: map_restart

- gametype: g_gametype

- hardcore mode: g_hardcore <1/0>

- kick players: kick or clientkick <#> (to get the players number use the below command)
- connected players: status

  • map: mp_afghan
  • num score ping guid                             name            lastmsg address               qport rate
  • --- ----- ---- -------------------------------- --------------- ------- --------------------- ----- -----
  •   2     0   21                 01100001033lololo Parovoz              50 loopback              -8336 99999

Parovoz - Cracked .exe
Black - Install .bat
Parovoz Cracked 1.0.175 .exe
- unlocked "com_maxfps" (up to 1000), "cg_drawFPS", "cg_fov", "cl_maxpackets"
- cg_scoreboardPingText = 1
- unlocked "ping_default_min", "ping_increment", "ping_searches_per"
- unlocked toggle commands, like bind F8 "toggle drawLagometer 1 0"
- unlocked WinConsole
- and more =)


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